One man’s rubbish…

…is another man’s treasure.

We love charity shops.

They seem to go through phases as far as the general public are concerned, usually depending on whether ‘retro’ is in fashion at the time. What always amazes me, however, is the treasures you can find – things that people throw away.

While I’ve never found anything truly valuable in monetary terms, I’ve found all sorts of books and DVD box sets for a fraction of their retail price – often new and unopened – and Ania frequently comes out with lovely clothes, including designer dresses, in new or nearly-new condition.

Why is it that people are so fickle to throw such things away? At least with a charity shop the stuff is getting another lease of life, but it always makes me wonder just how much doesn’t get donated or resold, and just goes straight to the bin after just one or two uses…

The one advantage of course, is that it’s great for people like us, we can go and buy as many books as we like without any guilt – we’re saving them from being pulped! This does mean we do have a rather large book collection however!

Alas, it seems that not all charities are equal – I won’t name any names (I don’t have any evidence for a start), but some these days seem to be run more like businesses than charities, with highly paid CEOs and senior management, and targets – how can you have sales targets when you’re entirely dependant on donations for your stock?

We prefer then to stick with smaller, local charities, where hopefully more of the money actually goes to the cause they support – obviously there will always be some overheads, and there is a need for some paid staff as you can’t always rely on volunteers for everything, but it shouldn’t be excessive.

What amazing treasure have you found in a charity shop?

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