So, Define ethical?

We are not perfect.

I’ll start with that one to start with. If you’re looking for a guide to living the perfect ethical, sustainable lifestyle, then I’m afraid this isn’t it, and never will be, for the simple reason that everyone’s ideas and ideals are different.

What we want to do, then, is to simply do the best that we can, within the limits with which we are faced – some set by ourselves, some by other people, and some by mother nature herself.

Our aims, then, are threefold:

  • Reduce our use of resources, and our levels of waste (sustainability)
  • Reduce our negative impact on other people, animals and the natural environment (ethical)
  • Reduce our reliance on other people & systems (freedom)

We don’t expect to be able to eliminate any of these, but we can at least try.

I’m sure, however, that some of the things we will do (or won’t do) will be different to those other people will advocate, and I make no apologies for this – we’re doing it our way.

I recently read This post  on the blog Moral Fibres, in which the author tells of how she, upon posting an article about eggs, received abuse over email from someone upset that she “wasn’t being vegan enough” – This is, in my view, totally unacceptable, for the author was doing what she believes to be right, and did not deserve to be abused for it – indeed such behaviour would put a lot of people off, and send them back to being excessive consumers. Just because you believe in living your life a certain way does not give you any right to dictate to others how they should lead theirs (especially when you’re  advocating ethical behaviour, as abuse is certainly not ethical!)

So we won’t be saying “this is what you should do” – we’ll be saying “this is what we’re doing, it’d be great if you’d like to join us”


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